Tales Of The Unexpected Episode Guide

13. The Hitch-Hiker

Airdate: 22 March 1980
The Hitch-Hiker- Tales of the Unexpected Writer Paul Duveen gives an elderly man a lift in his new BMW. Duveen is cajoled by the man into taking the car up to its limits and is promptly booked for speeding. Later, the man demonstrates his skills as a pickpocket, or as he calls himself, "a Fingersmith". Before they go their separate ways, the man has a little present for Duveen.
Main Cast: Rod Taylor, Cyril Cusack, John Forgeham

14. Poison

Airdate: 29 March 1980
Poison - Tales of the Unexpected Working in Kashmir, India, Harry Pope, a reformed alcoholic, decides to do some reading in bed one night. He feels something moving on his chest and looks down to see a Krait, a deadly poisonous snake. He must lie still until his friend Timber returns. When Timber does arrive, he sends for the local doctor.
Main Cast: Andrew Ray, Anthony Steel, Judy Geeson, Saeed Jaffrey

15. Fat Chance

Airdate: 5 April 1980
Fat Chance - Tales of the Unexpected Mary Burge has become fatter and fatter over the years. Her pharmacist husband, John, tires of her and has an affair with his secretary, Frances. Mary will not divorce him, however, so he hatches a plot to get rid of her by using his pharmaceutical skills. What he does not realise, however, is that Mary's new-found motivation for losing weight is about to put a hole in his plans.
Main Cast: John Castle, Miriam Margoyles, Sheila Gish

16. Taste

Airdate: 12 April 1980
Taste - Tales of the Unexpected Pretentious wine connoisseur William Pratt has won a case of wine from Mike Schofield twice before by correctly identifying the vintage of a claret served with dinner. This time , Pratt wants to increase the stakes - his London house up against the hand-in-marriage of Schofield's teenage daughter, Louise. Schofield is sure that he has a wine so obscure that no-one could identify it, or could they?
Main Cast: Ron Moody, Anthony Carrick, Marcia Glossop, Debbie Farrington

17. My Lady Love, My Dove

Airdate: 19 April 1980
My Lady Love, My Dove - Tales of the Unexpected Looking for some excitement in life, rich wife Pamela Beauchamp asks her husband to do a sneaky thing; install a hidden listening device in their guests bedroom when they come over to play high stakes Bridge. What they hear shocks them to the core but also intrigues them.
Main Cast: Elaine Stritch, Shane Rimmer, Lisa Eichhorn, Douglas Lambert

18. Georgy Porgy

Airdate: 26 April 1980
Georgy Porgy- Tales of the Unexpected Owing to his unconventional upbringing, Vicar George Duckworth has a strange attitude to women. Although he is afraid of physical contact with women, he often imagines his female parishioners to be naked during his sermons. One day, he suddenly finds that women have become attracted to him. One such beautiful woman offers herself up to him.
Main Cast: Joan Collins, John Alderton, Lally Bowers

19. Depart in Peace

Airdate: 3 May 1980
Depart in Peace - Tales of the Unexpected Art dealer Lionel gets unconventional artist John Roydon to visualise Lionel's fiancee Janet nude and paint her. Janet does not see the funny side and Lionel has to pay bitterly for it.
Main Cast: Joseph Cotten, Gloria Grahame, Maureen O'Brien, John Bennet, Peter Cellier

20. The Umbrella Man

Airdate: 10 May 1980
The Umbrella Man- Tales of the Unexpected On a wet afternoon, an old man persuades a passerby to part with some money in exchange for a silk umbrella. The old man claims that he needs it for his taxi fare home. Later, however, the old man goes into a pub and buys himself a whisky. What exactly is happening?
Main Cast: John Mills, John Carson, Michael Gambon, Jennifer Hilary

21. Genesis and Catastrophe

Airdate: 17 May 1980
Genesis and Catastrophe - Tales of the Unexpected Klara has just given birth to a baby boy. She and her husband, Alois, have lost three children in less than two years, but they are happy when the doctor tells them that their son is healthy. Alois comments on the baby's small size, so the doctor pleads with him to give lots of support to his wife. They name the boy Adolphus. Just what is in store for the boy?
Main Cast: Helmut Griem, Zhivila Roche, Hana Maria Pravda, Alastair Llewellyn

22. Mr Botibol's First Love

Airdate: 24 May 1980
Mr Botibol's First Love - Tales of the Unexpected William Botibol is a loser in life, and he fills his time conducting imaginary recitals to old records. Then he meets a young lady, Irene, in a music shop. She is a fellow music lover, and Botibol invites her back to the small concert hall he has built inside his house. Botibol is annoyed when he finds out that she can really play the piano.
Main Cast: Jack Weston, Anna Massey, Alan Rowe, Paul Bacon

23. Back for Christmas

Airdate: 31 May 1980
Back for Christmas - Tales of the Unexpected James Carpenter is a successful physician as well as an orchid fanatic. He loves them far more than he loves his wife, Hermione. James is also having an affair with a younger woman, Samantha. A short posting to America gives him an idea for murder. He kills his wife, cuts her up and buries her in the garden. Then he goes to America. He is in for a surprise as Hermione is about to avenge herself from beyond the grave.
Main Cast: Richard Johnson, Sian Phillips, Avril Elgar, Artro Morris

24. The Orderly World of Mr Appleby

Airdate: 7 June 1980
The Orderly World of Mr Appleby - Tales of the Unexpected Martha Appleby discovers that her husband, Arthur, murdered all his three previous wives and used the insurance money to open a series of antique shops. She warns him that if anything should happen to her, instructions have been left so that he can be dealt with. Unfortunately for Mr Appleby something bad is just about to happen, and this time it is not his fault.
Main Cast: Robert Lang, Elizabeth Spriggs, Cyril Luckham, Christopher Bramwell

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