Tales Of The Unexpected Episode Guide

1. The Man from the South

Airdate: 24 March 1979
Man from the South - Tales of the Unexpected
While on holiday in Jamaica, an American sailor and his girlfriend, Cathy, become involved in a bizarre bet with carlos, a man who loves to gamble. The sailor is confident that he can strike his cigarette lighter successfully ten times in a row. If he wins the bet, he will get a Jaguar car, if he loses Carlos will cut off his little finger!
Main Cast: Jose Ferrer, Pamela Stephenson, Michael Ontkean, Cyril Luckham

2. Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's Coat

Airdate: 31 March 1979
Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's Coat - Tales of the Unexpected
Mrs Bixby's lover gives her a mink coat. Now she has to explain its existence to her husband, dentist Cyril Bixby. She comes up with a a devious plan; she will pawn the mink coat and then tell her husband that she has found the ticket. Her plan goes brilliantly until she sends her husband to the pawn shop to collect on the ticket.
Main Cast: Julie Harris, Michael Hordern, Richard Greene, Frederick Farley, Sandra Payne

3. William and Mary

Airdate: 7 April 1979
William and Mary - Tales of the Unexpected When philosophy teacher William Pearl dies, his wife, Mary, receives a letter from him. The letter informs her that her husband's brain is being kept alive by his colleague, Dr John Landy. William had always imposed a strict regime on Mary. Now only his brain is alive, she has her own ideas about how her life should unfold and Mary sweetly gets her revenge.
Main Cast: Elaine Stritch, Marius Goring, Frederick Farley

4. Lamb to the Slaughter

Airdate: 14 April 1979
Lamb to the Slaughter - Tales of the Unexpected Pregnant Mary Marney is a devoted housewife to her detective husband, Patrick. After telling her that he is leaving, she bashes him over the head with a blunt object. When the police arrive, they are bamboozled that they cannot find the murder weapon. While Patrick's colleagues sit around the dinner table discussing the case, they fail to spot that the murder weapon is right under their noses.
Main Cast: Susan George, Brian Blessed, Mark Jones, Michael Byrne

5. The Landlady

Airdate: 21 April 1979
The Landlady - Tales of the Unexpected Seventeen-year old Londoner Billy Weaver arrives at a guesthouse in Bath where he is due to start a new job. The landlady is very friendly, if somewhat strange. When he sees the landlady's guestbook, he notices that he is the first person to stay there for quite a time, and he is sure that he recognises some of the names.
Main Cast: Siobhan McKenna, Leonard Preston, Anthony Dawes, John Bryant, Jess Davies

6. Neck

Airdate: 28 April 1979
Neck - Tales of the Unexpected Lady Turton is an outrageous philanderer and flaunts her lovers in front of her art collector husband. The Turtons live in an estate filled with magnificent pieces of topiary and abstract sculpture. One night, while romancing in the garden with Major Haddock, Lady Turton gets her head stuck in one of her husband's valuable sculptures. Now, how to get her head free?
Main Cast: Joan Collins, Michael Aldridge, Peter Bowles, Paul Herberg, Carmen Silvera, John Gielgud

7. Edward the Conqueror

Airdate: 5 May 1979
Edward the Conqueror - Tales of the Unexpected Louisa and her husband, Edward, adopt a stray cat. The cat responds in such a way to Louisa's piano rendition of Liszt that she comes to believe that the cat is a reincarnation of the composer. Edward is not convinced and develops a real dislike to their feline companion.
Main Cast: Wendy Hiller, Joseph Cottotn, Phil Brown

8. A Dip in the Pool

Airdate: 12 May 1979
A Dip in the pool - Tales of the Unexpected William Botibol enters a sweepstake to guess how far the trans-Atlantic liner he is on will travel in twenty four hours. He expects bad weather, so bets a low distance. When the weather picks up, his wager looks to be in jeopardy. He comes up with a plan: he calculates that he will win if the ship has to turn back to pick up a man fallen overboard.
Main Cast: Jack Weston, Gladys Spencer, Don Fellows, Davyd Harries

9. The Way Up to Heaven

Airdate: 19 May 1979
The Way Up to Heaven - Tales of the Unexpected Mrs Foster has a pathological fear of being late. Her husband, Eugene, takes a sadistic pleasure causing delays. One day, as they are ready to leave for a flight to new York, Eugene pretends to forget something and runs inside the house to collect it. Frantic with worry, Mrs Foster follows him inside. Now, Eugene is about to regret his cruelty.
Main Cast: Julie Harris, Roland Culver

10. Royal Jelly

Airdate: 1 March 1980
Royal Jelly - Tales of the Unexpected Albert Taylor is concerned about his baby daughter who is ill and losing weight. Albert is a bee-keeper and is always extolling the wonderful properties of Royal Jelly, a substance that he is very familiar with. He then decides to feed it to his daughter - the effects are peculiar to say the least!
Main Cast: Timothy West, Susan George

11. Skin

Airdate: 8 March 1980
Skin - Tales of the Unexpected In post-war Paris, Drioli, a penniless beggar, spots a painting for sale by his old friend Soutine. He realises that the tattoo of his dead wife on his back, which was put there by Soutine, is now extremely valuable. How can he deliver the masterpiece to a buyer?
Main Cast: Derek Jacobi, Lucy Gutteridge, Boris Isarov, Donald Pickering, Teris Hebrew

12. Galloping Foxley

Airdate: 15 March 1980
Galloping Foxley - Tales of the Unexpected William Perkins is still haunted by the memories of his schooldays when he was relentlessly bullied at an English boarding school sixty years ago. He catches the train every day sitting in the same seat in the carriage. One day his routine is shattered when a newcomer takes his seat. He becomes convinced that the man is the same man who bullied him at school, prefect Galloping Foxley.
Main Cast: John Mills, Anthony Steel

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