Tales Of The Unexpected Episode Guide

25. The Man at the Top

Airdate: 14 June 1980
The Man at the Top- Tales of the Unexpected Young sailor Hardy is left stranded when his ship sails without him. Down on his luck, he robs a man but accidentally kills him. His girlfriend, Diane, tells him of the one man who may be able to help him. Sam Madrid is called "The Man at The Top", and Hardy is in for a shock because he has already met him.
Main Cast: Peter Firth, Rachel Davies, Cassie McFarlane

26. The Flypaper

Airdate: 9 August 1980
The Flypaper - Tales of the Unexpected The police are dragging the marshes looking for a young schoolgirl, perhaps the latest victim of a child-killer operating in the area. Sylvia, also a schoolgirl, is bothered by a strange man on a bus. Mrs Harrison, a motherly middle-aged woman, comes to the rescue and sends him packing. The lady has a caravan and she escorts Sylvia to it adding that they ought to phone the police. Is the kindly woman all that she seems?
Main Cast: Stephanie Cole, Alfred Burke, Bernadette Windsor

27. A Picture of a Place

Airdate: 16 August 1980
A Picture of a Place - Tales of the Unexpected Confidence trickster Merv Pottinger travels the countryside conning elderly people out of their valuable treasures by insisting that they are worthless. When he meets Hazel, whose son owns a run-down farm, he buys what he thinks is a valuable painting at a paltry price. Is the painting worth what he thinks it is?
Main Cast: Michael Troughton, Bill Maynard, Jessie Matthews, Judy Riley

28. Proof of Guilt

Airdate: 23 August 1980
Proof of Guilt - Tales of the Unexpected George Stamford is the prime suspect in a murder case. He is discovered locked in an office with the deceased man, Mr Chillingham. The dead man has a gunshot wound to the head but there is no gun to be found and no possible way to dispose of one. Can inspector Walters crack the seemingly impossible case?
Main Cast: Jeremy Clyde, Roy Marsden, Dudley Sutton

29. vengeance is Mine Inc

Airdate: 30 August 1980
Vengeance is Mine Inc - Tales of the Unexpected Two out-of-luck actors, tired of living hand-to-mouth, set up a business called Vengeance is Mine Inc, where they exact revenge on anyone their client should desire. Actress Mrs. Wilbur wants them to punch art critic Lionel Brewster and even gives them disguises to carry out their attack. What could possibly go wrong?
Main Cast: Julian Fellowes, Betsy Blair, Morris Barry

30. A Girl Can't Always Have Everything

Airdate: 9 August 1980
A Girl Can't Always Have Everything - Tales of the Unexpected Suzy and Pat are two struggling actresses who share an apartment. Herbert is a middle-aged widower and becomes the theatre's rich backer. Suzy soon latches on to him and manages to get lots of expensive gifts from him, although she is less than than pleased when he asks her to marry him. Suzy asks Pat for some help.
Main Cast: Joan Collins, Pauline Collins, James Faulkner

31. Parson's Pleasure

Airdate: 30 November 1980
 Parson's Pleasure - Tales of the Unexpected Cyril Boggis poses as a cergyman and pretends he is the president of a society which preserves rare furniture. In reality he tries to purchase valuable antiques at a rock bottom price and sell them at a huge profit. One day he spots a valuable piece owned by a farmer, but is his luck just about to end?
Main Cast: John Gielgud, Bernard Miles, Lee Montague, Godfrey James

32. The Stinker

Airdate: 7 December 1980
The Stinker - Tales of the Unexpected Jack Cutler is a highly successful businessman. He meets timid Harold Tinker, who he used to bully at school and call "stinker tinker". He offers him a job. Harold accepts the offer to please his wife, but he soon suspects her of having an affair with his old school foe. Jack Cutler is about to pay a very price for his schoolboy cruelty.
Main Cast: Denholm Elliot, Joss Ackland, Patricia Quinn

33. I'll Be Seeing You

Airdate: 14 December 1980
I'll Be Seeing you - Tales of the Unexpected Roland Trent is married to the bitchy millionairess Vivien. He is having an affair with Anna who is nearly blind and needs to be looked after. He decides to leave his wife for his mistress even though it will leave him penniless, but then he comes up with a plan to get the money and the girl.
Main Cast: Anthony Valentine, Hilary Tindall, Amanda Redman, Roger Brierley

34. The Party

Airdate: 19 December 1980
The Party- Tales of the Unexpected Harry Knox hears rumours that the toy factory he has managed for forty years is being sold to foreigners. Highly annoyed and believing that he will be given the sack, he decides to torch the factory. Unfortunately, he is about to make one of the biggest mistakes of his life.
Main Cast: Robert Morley, Joyce Redman, Amanda Redman

35. Would You Believe It?

Airdate: 5 April 1981
Would You Believe It - Tales of the Unexpected Miller and Tanner, archaeologists in Jordan, have unearthed a wonderful statue of a beautiful woman, posing with her head looking over her shoulder. They put it onto their truck and in torrential rain, smuggle it through the border to Israel in order to sell it. The rainstorm has a disastrous effect on their plans!
Main Cast: Nigel Havers, Richard Johnson

36. Vicious Circle

Airdate: 12 April 1981
Vicious Circle - Tales of the Unexpected Young burgular Rex Tobin breaks into Mrs Grady's flat to rob her. He falls and hurts himself in the act and is discovered by little old Mrs Grady. Mrs Grady bandages his ankle and even makes him some tea. She promises to let him go if he will behave himself in the future. However, he is not really interested, so what will Mrs Grady do about it?
Main Cast: Patrick Field, Siobhan McKenna, Lesley Goldie, Roger Evans

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