Tales Of The Unexpected Episode Guide

37. The Boy who Talked with Animals

Airdate: 19 April 1981
The Boy Who Talked With Animals - Tales of the Unexpected David, a young boy, soothes a giant beached turtle while he is on holiday in Jamaica after it has been captured by local fishermen. Somehow, he can communicate with animals. The turtle is due to be displayed at the local museum. The next day, both the boy and the turtle have disappeared.
Main Cast: Paul Spurrier, David Buck, Stuart Whitman, Vivian Heilbron

38. The Best of Everything

Airdate: 26 April 1981
The Best of Everything - Tales of the Unexpected Shy junior clerk Arthur Price has fallen in love with the boss's daughter, Ann Horton. His homeless friend, Charlie Prince, in exchange for some favours gives Arthur some advice on wooing Ann. Arthur allows Charlie to move his large trunk into Arthur's lodgings and also to become his room-mate. As a result of Charlie's help, Arthur becomes engaged to Ann and now Charlie has essentially outlived his usefulness. How can Arthur get rid of Charlie?
Main Cast: Judy Bowker, Michael Kitchen, Jeremy Clyde, Rachel Kempson

39. A Woman's Help

Airdate: 3 May 1981
A Woman's Help - Tales of the Unexpected Arthur is a playboy who is financially dependent on his rich older wife, Elizabeth, who is an invalid. He hires a young nurse, Miss Greco, to care for Elizabeth but finds himself attracted to her. Arthur and Miss Greco consider killing Elizabeth so they can get married, but Elizabeth catches them kissing and fires her. Elizabeth needs to find a new nurse. Will she choose the right one this time?
Main Cast: Anthony Franciosa, Shirley Knight-Temple, Deborah Geffner

40. Shatterproof

Airdate: 10 May 1981
Shatterproof - Tales of the Unexpected Successful businessman Gerry Williams meets a young assassin in his New York apartment waiting for him with a gun in his hand. Smith has been sent by his wife, Ellen. Looking death in the face, Gerry needs to think very fast. He tells the killer that there is a fortune stashed away in his wall-safe. Will this give him enough time to divert the assassin's attention?
Main Cast: Eli Wallach, Anthony Pullen Shaw, Caroline Langrishe

41. The Sound Machine

Airdate: 17 May 1981
The Sound Machine - Tales of the Unexpected Botanist Mr Klausner devises a machine that can amplify the tiniest sound. He uses it to convert a plant's noise into speech and records the screams of flowers as they are being cut. His next-door neighbour is not impressed by his invention and a doctor believes that Mr Klausner's delusions are a cause for treatment.
Main Cast: James Warwick, Harry Andrews, Margery Mason

42. Never Speak Ill of the Dead

Airdate: 24 May 1981
Never Speak Ill of the Dead - Tales of the Unexpected Country doctor David Rankin has a flighty wife, Irene, whose affairs are the talk of the town. When Sim and Bob arrive at David's home one day to go fishing, they find him cementing up the floor of the cellar with Irene nowhere to be found. Sim and Bob think that David has killed his wife and buried her in the cellar - but they have made a massive mistake.
Main Cast: Warren Clarke, Colin Blakely, Cheryl Hall, Keith Drinkel, Brian Osbourne

43. The Best policy

Airdate: 31 May 1981
The Best Policy- Tales of the Unexpected Harry Flock becomes the acting manager of a local branch bank because of his diligence and meticulous work ethic. The head office is informed that Harry is commiting fraud, but there is no evidence of any discrepancy in his top-notch records. Has Harry been set up, or is he really too good to be true?
Main Cast: Gary Burghoff, Deborah Harmon, Logan Ramsey, William Boyett

44. The Last Bottle in the World

Airdate: 7 June 1981
The Last Bottle in the World - Tales of the Unexpected Kyros Kassoulas buys a very expensive bottle of 1864 claret costing ten thousand pounds for his wedding anniversary meal. He knows that his wife, Sophie, is being unfaithful with Max, the editor of a wine magazine and he invites Max and Charles, Sophie's wine importing uncle, to the party. Kyros is planning a devastating surprise to exact his revenge.
Main Cast: Anthony Quayle, Gary Bond, Nigel Hawthorne, Lynette Davies

45. Kindly Dig Your Grave

Airdate: 14 June 1981
Kindly Dig Your Grave - Tales of the Unexpected Madame LaGrue runs a smart Parisian art gallery and exploits struggling young artists by dishonest means, creaming large profits from their work. Graham is one such artist and he has fallen in love with the beautiful model Fatima who he gets pregnant. Fatima is a smart girl and she comes up with a plan to expose the amoral LaGrue and her underhand dealings.
Main Cast: Micheline Presle, Celia Gregory, Robert H. Thomson, Gerard Lartigau

46. Completely Foolproof

Airdate: 21 June 1981
Completely Foolproof - Tales of the Unexpected Set in New York in the 1930's, the tycoon Joe Brisson is a self-made millionaire who has a number of enemies. Just about to leave for Europe, a disgruntled employee turns up looking for revenge. Joe manages to persuade the man to take part in a plot to kill his wife, Lisa, who wants a divorce and half of his fortune. He thinks the plan will be "Completely Foolproof", but what he does not know is that Lisa has plans of her own.
Main Cast: Telly Savalas, Rita Gam, Ramsay Williams, Belinda Mayne

47. There's One Born Every Minute

Airdate: 28 June 1981
There's One Born Every Minute - Tales of the Unexpected Arthur and Margaret Pearson are a normal middle-aged couple who inherit 50,000 pounds on the death of a relative. They invest it in a questionable property with the equally questionable Edward Cox. Arthur is in an adulterous affair with his mistress Joy, and in fact plans to flee with her and the money. Disaster strikes when it is revealed that Edward is a conman who has disappeared with all the money. Does Edward have an accomplice?
Main Cast: Frank Finlay, Heather Sears, Peter Copley, Andrew Burt

48. Bosom Friends

Airdate: 5 July 1981
Bosom Friends - Tales of the Unexpected Hard-working Nell invites old school friend Emma to stay with her at her country cottage to help pay the bills. Emma, though, turns out to be free-loader who has spent a lifetime not pulling her weight. So anxious is Nell of getting rid of her sponging tenant that she has to come up with a murderous scheme.
Main Cast: Rachel Kempson, Joan Greenwood, Nat Jackley

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