Tales Of The Unexpected Episode Guide

49. A glowing Future

Airdate: 19 July 1981
A Glowing Future - Tales of the Unexpected Betsy's long term partner, Jack, wants to get married, not to her but to his girlfriend who lives in Australia. He begins to pack all of his belongings to send ahead. Betsy is absolutely enraged and begins to lash out at him. When Jack's girlfriend receives the chests of belongings he has sent on, she gets an extra surprise.
Main Cast: John Beck, Joanna Pettet

50. The Way to Do It

Airdate: 26 July 1981
The Way To Do It - Tales of the Unexpected Roger Carson lives a very tedious existence and desperately wants to get away from his domineering Aunt May. He takes up gambling, and while he is at the casino, he falls for a hostess, Suzie. The casino manager has a score to settle with the Carson's and gets Suzie to help him out.
Main Cast: Andrew Ray, Elaine Paige, Elizabeth Spriggs, Sarah Webb, Martin Benson

51. Hijack

Airdate: 26 December 1981
Hi-Jack - Tales of the Unexpected An aeroplane bound for Edinburgh with a party of surgeons aboard is taken over by a hi-jacker. A stewardess is taken hostage in the toilet and will be shot if the hi-jacker's demands are not met. The hi-jacker wants two parachutes and a million pounds. Could the hi-jacker's bold plan possibly work and does anybody on the inside have anything to do with the plan?
Main Cast: Simon Cadell, Michael Craig, Suzanne Danielle, Denis Quilley, Sean Barrett, Peter Tuddenham

52. Blue Marigold

Airdate: 25 April 1982
Blue Marigold - Tales of the Unexpected Supermodel Blue Marigold is dropped from her company for her diva-like behaviour. She has a complete nervous breakdown and has to spend time in a psychiatric home. Years later she plans a comeback.
Main Cast: Toyah Wilcox, Ralph Bates, Sharon Duce, Helen Fraser

53. The Eavesdropper

Airdate: 2 May 1982
The Eavesdropper - Tales of the Unexpected Donald and Moira are a maried couple out on a shopping trip. While in a restaurant, Moira overhears a conversation between two younger women about a weekend one of them spent in Paris with her lover, Donald. Moira's husband was on a business trip in Paris at the same time. Not only that but the young woman has a unique watch given to her by Donald, very similar to the one that she had and which got "mislaid". Is it all just a bizarre coincidence?
Main Cast: Michael Craig, Dorothy Tutin, Sheila Ruskin

54. Operation Safecrack

Airdate: 9 May 1982
Operation Safecrack - Tales of the Unexpected Sam "The Touch" Morrissey is the most legendary safe-cracker in Britain. Jack Harrison is an advertising executive promoting a safe company, and in particular its new safe, the impregnable Holdwell 801. Jack wants Sam to try to break into the Holdwell 801 in a live tv studio and if he does, he will receive 25,000 pounds in prize money contained in an envelope in the safe. Sam attempts the task and seemingly fails, but has he?
Main Cast: John Mills, June Ritchie, David Healy, Edward Burnham

55. Run Rabbit Run

Airdate: 16 May 1982
Run Rabbit Run- Tales of the Unexpected Robert Simpson was a young soldier billeted in Paris at the end of World War II. Ten years later, he returns to the home of the domineering Hector, who was a Resistance leader, and submissive wife Nathalie. Robert is writing a book about the Resistance but finds that Hector is now dead. His wife tells Robert the tale of how she finally turned the tables on the bullying Hector.
Main Cast: Leslie Caron, James Aubrey, Constantine Gregory

56. Stranger in Town

Airdate: 23 May 1982
Stranger in Town - Tales of the Unexpected With his eccentric dress, jovial behaviour and magic tricks, a stranger calling himself Sir Columbus endears himself to the citizens of a town. He then makes a call on prominent businessman Mr Latham and this time his visit is not a jovial one for he is seeking revenge!
Main Cast: Derek Jacobi, Clive Swift, Jennifer Connelly

57. The Moles

Airdate: 30 May 1982
The Moles - Tales of the Unexpected Two businessmen, Edward and George, are on the verge of bankruptcy as neither of them can get a loan from a bank. How about robbing it instead? They join forces with the professional safecracker Meakins and over the course of a weekend manage to tunnel into it from a shop next door. After much bickering, they successfully gain entry to the vault, but there is one teensy-weeny thing that they have overlooked.
Main Cast: Fulton Mackay, Bill Owen, Harry H Corbett, Joe Gladwin

58. Decoy

Airdate: 6 June 1982
Decoy - Tales of the Unexpected Young women are being murdered in the local park, so female police Constable Mary Bryan reluctantly agrees to go undercover as a decoy. Timothy Barton is the chief suspect and with police back-up Mary engages the man in conversation at a local pub. But have they got the right man, or does he lie closer to home?
Main Cast: Susan Penhaligon, Tim Woodward, Ian Redford, Tom Cotcher

59. Pattern of Guilt

Airdate: 13 June 1982
Pattern of Guilt - Tales of the Unexpected A serial-killer posing as a door-to-door salesman is at large and Keith Briscoe is a police doctor involved with the case. Briscoe wants to divorce his second wife, Elaine, and go back to his first wife, Faye, but Elaine is insistent that she will not divorce him. Briscoe decides to kill Elaine and plant evidence to frame the serial-killer. After all, what could possibly go wrong?
Main Cast: Peter Egan, Suzanne Danielle, Jennie Linden

60. A Harmless Vanity

Airdate: 20 June 1982
A Harmless Vanity - Tales of the Unexpected Mary Hitchman is tipped off by her friend that her husband, George, is having an affair with a much younger woman. Mary decides to meet her rival in love at a beach party, but it ends in tragedy when the young girl drowns in a swimming accident. George's reaction to Mary when she gets home from the beach is very strange, to say the least!
Main Cast: Keith Barron, Sheila Gish, Phoebe Nicholls, Suzanne Worsley

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