Tales Of The Unexpected Episode Guide

61. Death Can Add

Airdate: 27 June 1982
Death Can Add - Tales of the Unexpected Oliver Platt works in a city investment firm called Bulmont Investments. Platt takes big risks and is defrauding the company he works for partly because his father killed himself working in a similar company. Alan Corwin, an auditor, tumbles to Oliver's exploits and demands a quarter of a million pounds in hush money. Oliver reluctantly agrees, but he does not reckon on Leila, his girlfriend and secretary, interfering.
Main Cast: Michael N. Harbour, Ian Holm, Jan Francis, Geoffrey Chater

62. Light Fingers

Airdate: 4 July 1982
Light Fingers - Tales of the Unexpected Someone is stealing gloves from Ralph Stackpole's glove factory. Suspicion is thrown on everybody working there, including his designer, Cotter. He hires Semple, a private detective, who comes up with a plan to catch the thief. Ralph explains the plan to his totally indifferent wife, Joan, at breakfast. The gloves soon start to turn up in some very strange places.
Main Cast: Janet Leigh, Tom Bosley, Frank Sinatra, Jr.

63. Death in the Morning

Airdate: 11 July 1982
Death in the Morning - Tales of the Unexpected Karen Masterson has recently married Ian, her wealthy country squire husband, and she feels that in his large house an evil spirit is trying to oust her. She makes friends with her neighbour, Linda Larch, who suggests that Karen may be sensing the spirit of Ian's first wife who died in a car crash. When Karen finds a book of witchcraft, she suspects that Linda may not be the friend she thought she was.
Main Cast: Cherie Lunghi, Moray Watson, Carol Drinkwater, Alan Rowe

64. What Have You Been up to Lately?

Airdate: 18 July 1982
What Have You Been Up To Lately - Tales of the Unexpected Washed up actor Fergus Locke kills his wife after a row over money. He flees to London and meets up with Richard Mellor in a bar. Richard Mellor is another failed actor who also depends on his other half to meet his financial needs. When the radio announces news of the death of Fergus's wife, Fergus steals Richard's car which he eventually crashes in a high-speed chase. Emerging from the wreckage, he makes a grisly discovery.
Main Cast: Peter Barkworth, Benjamin Whitrow, Maggie Fitzgibbon

65. The Absence of Emily

Airdate: 25 July 1982
The Absence of Emily- Tales of the Unexpected Magistrate Norma owns a large estate and lets her sister, Emily, and husband, Bob, stay there. When Emily disappears, Norma suspects that Bob may have killed her for the insurance money as Bob's first wife died in mysterious circumstances. Bob insists that Emily has gone off somewhere quiet to complete her latest book. Norma gets a detective to investigate.
Main Cast: Anthony Valentine, Frances Tomelty, Patsy Byrne

66. In the Bag

Airdate: 1 August 1982
In The Bag - Tales of the Unexpected Cara wants to get back her family jewels which are lying in a safe. She hires safecracker Sam to help her as he is reputed to be one of the best and has never yet been caught. He is none too happy when she insists on accompanying him on the job but he eventually relents and agrees to her demands. Is Sam's illustrious reputation about to be tainted?
Main Cast: Edward Albert, Terry O'Quinn, Lou Jacobi, Roxanne Hart

67. A Man with a Fortune

Airdate: 8 August 1982
A Man With a Fortune - Tales of the Unexpected John Smith, an American Vineyard ownwer, strikes up a conversation with Eva whom he meets in a restaurant. He tells her that the main reason for coming to England is to trace his ancestry. He mentions that it originates in the Norfolk village of Bedlam. Eva relates the story to her flatmate Janet, who contrives a meeting with him in the records library, seeing an opportunity to net a rich man. Then Janet disappears. What has become of her and does the American have anything to do with it?
Main Cast: Shane Rimmer, Cyd Hayman, Elizabeth Richardson, Peter Tuddenham

68. Who's Got the Lady?

Airdate: 15 August 1982
Who's Got the Lady - Tales of the Unexpected The priceless painting The Patrician Lady is being lent to Parnell's gallery in London. At its unveiling there are gunshots fired and an explosion, suggesting that a robbery has just taken place. A painting identical to The Patrician Lady is still there but there is one difference - the word "Zarchetti" is stamped on the painting's canvas. Has The Patrician Lady really been stolen?
Main Cast: Timothy Carlton, Richard Johnson, Robert Beatty, Victoria Tennant, Laurence Payne, Peter Howell

69. The Skeleton Key

Airdate: 22 August 1982
The Skeleton Key - Tales of the Unexpected Andy, a hospital radiographer, is slowly losing his girlfriend, Emma, to the egotistical Max, who wants to whisk her off to a romantic holiday destination. The now jealous Andy senses an opportunity when Max complains of stomach pains. Has Max really swallowed that key, or is Andy just making him suffer?
Main Cast: Julie Dawn Cole, John Duttine, Peter Jeffrey, Peter Machin, Tony Osoba

70. A Passing Opportunity

Airdate: 9 April 1983
A Passing Opportunity - Tales of the Unexpected On hard times and in danger of losing his family, Frank Desmond Agrees to a job as a hitman given to him by a man called Laughlin. The victim happens to be Peter Madison, a man Frank knows from his old school. Frank goes to Peter's hotel introduces himself and ends up in his room having a drink for old times sake. Can Frank go through with the hit?
Main Cast: Charles Keating, Bryan Marshall, George Sewell

71. The Memory Man

Airdate: 16 April 1983
The Memory man - Tales of the Unexpected Colin Mearns is a memory expert but has fallen on hard times, and his girlfriend wants out. A dodgy character arrives desperate to remember the combination number of a locker that he has forgotten. Colin becomes very curious to know what is inside the locker. How can he get the number without the man finding out?
Main Cast: Judy Geeson, Colin Blakely, Bernard Cribbins

72. A Sad Loss

Airdate: 23 April 1983
A Sad Loss - Tales of the Unexpected Dave Brigham and Claire Hawksworth are two lovers who run a hotel in the Caribbean. They are burdened with a massive mortgage and they are running the risk of losing the hotel. Luckily, Claire's aunt has promised to leave Claire all her money when she dies. The only blot on the horizon is that her aunt is considering changing her will and leaving her money to her grandaughter instead. The scene is set for murder!
Main Cast: Hayley Mills, Stuart Wilson, Elizabeth Bradley, Lally Bowers, Phyllida Law

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