Tales Of The Unexpected Episode Guide

73. Clerical Error

Airdate: 30 April 1983
Clerical Error - Tales of the Unexpected Paul Standing is in the process of winding up his deceased father's affairs for his invalid mother. He comes across an invoice from a book-shop and goes to meet the owners. The Carey brothers who own the shop claim that Paul Standing's father owes them money for pornographic books. In fact, the Carey brothers are crooks who scour obituary columns looking for victims, expecting the next of kin to pay up to avoid scandal. Their luck is about to run out.
Main Cast: David Webb, Richard Pearson, Evelyn Laye, Hugh Fraser

74. Heir Presumptuous

Airdate: 7 May 1983
Heir Presumptuous - Tales of the Unexpected George Devon, a rich skinflint, is found murdered, and his two nephews, David and Donald, who are identical twins stand to inherit his fortune. One of the twins murdered George after being refused a loan and the house-keeper saw him leave the scene of the crime. The problem is that nobody can tell them apart. Now, local sheriff Milt Singleton must come up with a way of nailing the one twin who perpetrated the crime.
Main Cast: Robert Snively, Royce D. Applegate, Tara Buckham, David Cassidy, Ann Doran, Darren McGavin

75. Where's Your Sense of Humour

Airdate: 1 May 1983
Where's Your Sense of Humour - Tales of the Unexpected George Forester is a very annoying practical joker. Laura and Frank Parker have been the butt of his jokes for many years. One day he goes too far and sabotages a business dinner costing Frank promotion. Laura seizes the opportunity to put an end to George's pranks when he is left alone in his house after his wife has left for Edinburgh.
Main Cast: Sheila Gish, Philip Jackson, Penelope Nice, Tom Chadbon, John King

76. Down Among the Sheltering Palms

Airdate: 21 May 1983
Down Among the Sheltering Palms - Tales of the Unexpected Gerry Armstrong is an American veteran of World War II. He makes a nostalgic return trip to England and visits the town in Norfolk where he served in the Airforce forty years ago. Carol is a pretty young woman Armstrong meets in a dance hall. It turns out that the past can yield secrets and surprises, and Carol brings it all disturbingly alive.
Main Cast: Geoffrey Bayldon, Van Johnson, Anne Carroll, Margaret Courtenay

77. The Vorpal Blade

Airdate: 28 May 1983
The Vorpal Blade - Tales of the Unexpected Teuton Von Baden tells colleague Winterluck a tale from his youth fifty-years ago when he was a student in Heidelberg. The elderly von Baden witnessed a fencing duel to the death between Macker and a bully, Cassan. Baden has kept a secret all this time and finally relates it to Winterluck.
Main Cast: Peter Cushing, Dean Allen

78. The Wrong U'n

Airdate: 11 June 1983
The Wrong U'n - Tales of the Unexpected German businessman Helmut Weinrich has just closed a successful business deal in Coventry. Feeling very pleased with himself, he pays the bar tab of a pretty young and enigmatic girl, Molly. The hotel detective warns Helmut that Molly is as he puts it "a wrong u'n". Helmut ignores the warnings and buys Molly dinner and later invites her up to his room. Is he really in danger from the mysterious Molly?
Main Cast: Andrew Ray, Constantine Gregory, Lucy Gutteridge, Elspeth March, Daragh O'Malley

79. The Luncheon

Airdate: 19 June 1983
The Luncheon - Tales of the Unexpected Author Tony Medway meets up with Susan Mandeville, the wife of an influential film producer, for luncheon to discuss adapting his book into a film. Unfortunately, the restaurant is very expensive and Tony is risking a bill that cannot afford to pay. Their lunch date turns out to be full of surprises.
Main Cast: Gayle Hunnicutt, Bosco Hogan, Jacqueline Hill, Stephen Greif

80. The Tribute

Airdate: 25 June 1983
The Tribute - Tales of the Unexpected Fanny Soane, Mable Ince and Lady Eleanor Benson hear of the death of nanny Dench who had served them all. They meet up for lunch as a tribute to her with the nanny's niece also coming. It becomes apparent during their lunch that they treated her rather badly. A shock is in store for the three elderly ladies.
Main Cast: Eleanor Bron, Sheila Burrell, Anna Neagle, Phyllis Calvert

81. Hit and Run

Airdate: 2 July 1983
Hit and Run - Tales of the Unexpected Young doctor Roger Ashburn is married to a beautiful but selfish wife. They hold a dinner party for their friends, Carol and Steve Hutchins, and during it Roger's wife spectacularly announces that their marriage is over. Roger's wife suddenly disappears leaving Roger desperately worried, but there is a surprise waiting for him.
Main Cast: Brenda Blethyn, John Duttine, Ray Lonnen, Susan Penhaligon

82. Youth from Vienna

Airdate: 9 July 1983
Youth from Vienna - Tales of the Unexpected Caroline Coates is promoted to anchorwoman of the station's main news programme, but she is worried that she will not be able to keep her looks for ever. Humphrey Baxter, one of her admirers, is a scientist working on a formula to halt the ageing process but there may be some unforeseen side effects.
Main Cast: Sharon Gless, Dick Smothers, James Carroll Jordan, Ellen Geer, Elliot Reed

83. Turn the Tide

Airdate: 16 July 1983
Turn the Tide - Tales of the Unexpected Slade is a criminal lawyer facing disgrace, so he pleads with his colleague Spalding to help him cover up the evidence. Spalding is an honest man, impervious to corruption, so he refuses to help Slade. Slade has no option but to kill him. After choking him to death, Slade plans to get rid of the body by dragging it out to sea. But this is far from the perfect murder and there is something that he has overlooked!
Main Cast: Richard Basehart, Gretchen Corbett, Nicholas Hormann

84. The Dirty Detail

Airdate: 12 May 1984
The Dirty Detail - Tales of the Unexpected Fred Pearson hated his life in the army during the Vietnam war. His life was made an absolute misery by the domineering Sergeant Guedo who constantly gave Pearson "dirty-detail" punishments. Because of this he has no self-esteem and has not been able to hold down a job since he was discharged. Walking into a bar to drown his sorrows, he spots Guedo and he is just as he remembered him. Now to get his revenge!
Main Cast: Kevin Dobson, George Peppard, Jenny O' Hara

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