Tales Of The Unexpected Episode Guide

85. The Best Chess Player in the World

Airdate: 19 May 1984
The Best Chessplayer in the World - Tales of the Unexpected Successful and rich newspaper proprieter G.B. Shaw has a beautiful wife, Paula, who has everything that she could possibly want including a Ferrari and an enormous dress allowance. But this is still not enough for Paula and she takes a lover. Shaw finds out and deals with it in the cold calculating way of a chess player.
Main Cast: Michael Jayston, Lynette Davies, Andrew Ray, Christopher Reich, Clifford Parrish

86. Proxy

Airdate: 26 May 1984
Proxy - Tales of the Unexpected Three men are being blackmailed by a woman with whom they all had affairs and are worried as the disclosure could ruin them. When the woman is found dead, the three men decide that they must cover it up to prevent any suspicion falling on them. William, their faithful chauffer, comes up with what he thinks is a perfect plan to save the situation.
Main Cast: Barbara Bolton, Lois Smith, Tom Smothers, Patrick O'Neal, Malachy McCourt, Joanne Lara, Larry Keith

87. Have a Nice Death

Airdate: 2 June 1984
Have a Nice Death - Tales of the Unexpected British author Sam Luke is in New York to promote his new book "Weeping Women" and in a television interview dismisses claim that it promotes sexism. When he returns to his hotel suite, he gets a telephone call and the caller tells him to "Have a nice death". A package containing one of his books arrives and promptly explodes on opening. Sam is now scared for his life!
Main Cast: Simon Cadell, Susannah Fellows, Sue Vanner

88. Number Eight

Airdate: 9 June 1984
Number Eight - Tales of the Unexpected A smartly-dressed driver picks up a dishevelled hitch-hiker which is not the wisest thing to do as the "Will-o-the-Wisp" serial killer is at large. The radio is full of news about the killer and the description of him matches the hitch-hiker that the driver has just picked up. Not only that, but the passenger also seems obssessed with the killer. How much danger is the driver in?
Main Cast: Dennis Christopher, Brad Dourif, Kathleen Doyle, Will Hare

89. The Last of the Midnight Gardeners

Airdate: 16 June 1984
Last of the Midnight Gardeners - Tales of the Unexpected A crime magazine editor, Walter Oates, is having an affair with his secretary, Edna. Edna and Jane end up meeting one another when Edna replaces an absent guest at a dinner party at Walter's home. Walter is running a competition for the reader who writes the best murder story, but Walter announces that most of the entries are sub-standard. Jane then challenges him to write a story under an assumed name; Walter does so. Is Jane up to something?
Main Cast: Patrick Mower, Jane Asher, Forbes Collins, Celia Gregory, Jim Norton

90. The Gift of Beauty

Airdate: 30 June 1984
The Gift of Beauty - Tales of the Unexpected Elizabeth kills her husband with the help of her young lover, Ray. Because of the age gap between her and Ray, she has a face lift and also engages in an intensive fitness regime to keep her figure. One day, she sees and advertisement for an anti-aging process called the "Gift of Beauty". She decides to give it a go.
Main Cast: Mackenzie Allen, Carol Lynley, Randall Edwards

91. Wet saturday

Airdate: 7 June 1984
Wet Saturday - Tales of the Unexpected Princey has a high standing in the community and much to his inconvenience his dim-witted daughter Millicent has killed a young preacher with a croquet mallet after he rejected her. Princey must cover it up fast before he loses respect. All he has to do is convince the police that it was a tragic accident.
Main Cast: Ed Begley, Jr., Fritz Weaver, Mary Sinclair, Charles Hallahan

92. Sauce for the Goose

Airdate: 21 July 1984
Sauce for the Goose - Tales of the Unexpected Rich widow Olivia seduces Stephen, a younger man with little money. They marry as Stephen finds that Olivia has a large inheritance from her late husband, whose death was arranged by her. Stephen wants to carry on with his philandering, but Olivia has other ideas. She knows what has to be done when he takes up with another woman.
Main Cast: Gloria Grahame, Robert Morse, Lisa Dunsheath

93. Bird of Prey

Airdate: 4 August 1984
Bird of Prey - Tales of the Unexpected Jack and Edna's parrot promptly dies when it lays a gigantic egg. They keep the egg warm and it hatches into a black-feathered bird with an air of menace. Although not talkative, the bird keeps a very watchful eye on Jack and Edna. While Jack befriends the bird, Edna is wary of it - and for good reason.
Main Cast: Sondra Locke, Frank Converse, Charles Hallahan

94. I Like it Here in Wilmington

Airdate: 11 August 1984
I Like it Here in Wilmington - Tales of the Unexpected Harry Elton is on the verge of bankruptcy as his business partner, marvin Castlemore, has made some disastrous decisions. Used to a luxury lifestyle he must decide on a course of action. What could be easier than murdering his wife and then collecting her life insurance money?
Main Cast: Robert Loggia, Janet Leigh, Susan Strasberg, Tom Smothers

95. Accidental Death

Airdate: 19 August 1984
Accidental Death - Tales of the Unexpected Steve and Jane travel the country conning their way into people's homes, identifying things worth stealing on their return visit. They do this under the ruse of pretending to be market researchers from the Silverstone Metal Polish company. In a hotel bar they hear of Percy who is reputed to be a rich miser with a hoard of money hidden in his farmhouse. Jane decides to call on him, but there is more to Percy than meets the eye.
Main Cast: Steve Jeffries, Lynsey Baxter, Cyril Cusack

96. The Reconciliation

Airdate: 16 September 1984
The Reconciliation - Tales of the Unexpected After ten years of marriage, James leaves his wife, Caroline, but she warns him that she will never divorce him. His lawyer advises him that he cannot divorce her unless he has some evidence of her infidelity. James hires a private detective to follow her for a whole day - and he gets a surprise.
Main Cast: Roger Rees, Meg Davies

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