Tales Of The Unexpected Episode Guide

97 The Mugger

Airdate: 14 October 1984
The Mugger - Tales of the Unexpected Gerald Overton is a highly ambitious politician who has the hard job of tackling violent crime. A chance meeting with a beautiful woman at a dinner party leads him into a nightmarish situation which threatens to throw his whole career into chaos. Gerald shocks himself when he makes the decision to take the law into his own hands.
Main Cast: Roy Marsden, Amanda Boxer

98. The Open Window

Airdate: 21 October 1984
The Open Window - Tales of the Unexpected While on holiday in Connecticut, Gregory visits an isolated hunting lodge and meets a girl called Jane. She tells him a disturbing story of an accident which beset members of her family when they took a trip through 'the open window' on a hunting expedition.
Main Cast: Michael Conforti, Valerie Mahaffey, Richard Dow, Richard Marr, Michael Galloway, Dina Merrill

99. People Don't do Such Things

Airdate: 30 March 1985
People Don't Do Such Things - Tales of the Unexpected Married couple Terence and Gwen Carter both disapprove of Reeve Baker, Terence's tax accountant. When Gwen announces to Terence that she and Reeve plan to go off with one other, Terence is obviously shocked. Terence pleads with Gwen not to trust Baker, but she fails to listen. Soon afterwards, Gwen is found murdered and all the available evidence suggests that Reeve is the guilty man. Did he really kill Gwen, or did someone frame him?
Main Cast: Don Johnson, Arthur Hill, Samantha Eggar, Denise Galick

100. In the Cards

Airdate: 14 July 1985
In the Cards - Tales of the Unexpected Madame Myra is a poor fortune-teller with a dismal career that is going nowhere fast. She meets a strange man in town who shows her how she can do much better for herself. But does he have an ulterior motive?
Main Cast: Susan Strasberg, Max Gail, Elaine Giftos, Kenneth Tigar

101. Nothin' Short of Highway Robbery

Airdate: 21 July 1985
Nothing Short of Highway Robbery - Tales of the Unexpected Husband and wife Newt and Marcie are driving through the desert. They pull into a remote garage to fill their tank with gas. The mechanic, Harry, gives their car the once-over and tells them that it is in urgent need of repairs. Harry suggests that they take a meal at his wife's eating house while he does the work. Newt and Marcie's suspicions are aroused. Are they being taken for a ride?
Main Cast: Jennifer Holmes, Bud Cort, Warren Oates, Bettye Ackerman

102. Scrimshaw

Airdate: 28 July 1985
Scrimshaw - Tales of the Unexpected Brenda lives a lonely friendless existence on the island paradise of Key West, Florida, and she drinks to forget her tragic past. When Brenda's path crosses with that of Eric's, a man she knew a long time ago in her college days, her life suddenly takes on a new meaning. What does Eric really want?
Main Cast: Joan Hackett, Charles Kimbrough

103. Skeleton in the Cupboard

Airdate: 18 December 1987
Skeleton in the Cupboard - Tales of the Unexpected Robert Smythe, a ruthless executive, has a dark 20 year-old secret that his wife, Margaret, knows nothing about. The truth has come back to haunt him, and Margaret is starting to have her suspicions. Robert needs to cover his tracks fast. How ruthless can he be?
Main Cast: Charles Dance, Zoe Wanamaker, Philip Dunbar, Francesca Brill

104. The Colonel's Lady

Airdate: 8 January 1988
The Colonel's Lady - Tales of the Unexpected Colonel George Peregrine's wife, Eve, writes a book of love poems which proves to be a huge commercial success. She is soon in great demand, but the book, which includes revelations about her love life, has a detrimental effect on her marriage. George is eager to discover the identity of the man Eve's poems were addressed to. When George gets to the truth, it hits him hard.
Main Cast: Joss Ackland, Pauline Collins, Gareth Thomas

105. The Surgeon

Airdate: 15 January 1988
The Surgeon - Tales of the Unexpected Oxford doctor Robert Sandy is given a huge diamond by a grateful patient, the Wealthy Saudi Arabian Prince Zawi. Because of its high value, Robert hides it in a very safe place. However, while Robert and his wife are out the diamond is stolen. The next day, Robert's colleague operates on a man who has swallowed something unusual; it turns out to be Robert's diamond. How did the diamond get inside the man?
Main Cast: John Alderton, Raad Rawi, David Belcher, Thorley Walters

106. The Verger

Airdate: 22 January 1988
The Verger - Tales of the Unexpected Albert and Milly Dobson have given sixteen years of their lives to their parish church. When a new vicar arrives, things take a radical turn and it becomes clear that the Dobson's new boss has no time for them. The new changes force a secret that Albert has been keeping into the open. In defiance to their new circumstances, the Dobsons try to build a new life.
Main Cast: Richard Briers, Patricia Routledge, Andrew Burt

107. The Facts of Life

Airdate: 29 January 1988
The Facts of Life - Tales of the Unexpected Living in a rural environment means Nicholas Lillie has led a very sheltered life. He is selected to go to London to take part in a national fencing competition as he has just won one at the county level, although this does not go down well with his narrow-minded father. A young girl he meets there, Zoe, believes he is an easy mark, but she is in for a shock.
Main Cast: Jim Broadbent, Benedict Taylor

108. Wink Three Times

Airdate: 15 April 1988
Wink Three Times - Tales of the Unexpected Timid Provincial solicitor Jeremy Tyler visits a chic London hotel on a business trip and becomes entangled in an odd case of mistaken identity. Equally shy Babs Colport has come to the hotel on a blind date arranged through a dating agency. Craving female attention, Jeremy tries to seduce her.
Main Cast: Peter Davison, Liza Goddard

109. The Dead Don't Steal

Airdate: 22 April 1988
The Dead Don't Steal - Tales of the Unexpected Ken Johnson's wife finds out about the affair he is having with Lillian, his secretary, and becomes furious. Lillian then tells Ken that she is seeing someone else and wants to end the relationship. Ken kills her in anger and disposes of the body by burying it, but he then gets a telephone call from her. Is Ken going mad or is something else going on?
Main Cast: Nicholas Ball, Glynis Barber, Lois Baxter

110. Finger of Suspicion

Airdate: 29 April 1988
Finger of Suspicion - Tales of the Unexpected Safe-cracker Steve Barker lives in idyllic splendour with his beautiful arabian wife in a Middle Eastern country. His peaceful life becomes threatened when his past comes back to haunt him and he is charged with an old crime. He is emphatic that he did not commit it.
Main Cast: Michael Brandon, Lucy Gutteridge, Nadim Sawalha, Rob Spendlove

111. A Time to Die

Airdate: 6 May 1988
A Time to Die - Tales of the Unexpected Electronics expert Yves Drouard's love life has got rather too complicated. His marriage to his wife, Marthe, is on the rocks, and his young mistress, Violette, has become pregnant. His thoughts turn to murder and he uses his electronics expertise to put his plans into motion. Unfortunately, events conspire to create a situation he failed to foresee.
Main Cast: David Suchet, Nina Van Pallandt, Jemma Redgrave, Sarah-Jane Varley

112. Mr Know-all

Airdate: 13 May 1988
Mr Know-All - Tales of the Unexpected Attractive chambermaid Elly Somerton is seduced by the reknowned archaeologist Professor Max Kelada, who is an inveterate womaniser. He gives her a valuable statuette that he unearthed at a dig, but when the hotel manager finds out about the affair, he sacks her. Strangely, the hotel manager's wife has exactly the same statuette!
Main Cast: Chaim Topol, Kim Thomson, Edward Riley, Eamonn Walker, Steve Plytas